MAPS Mood, Anxiety and Psychosis Disorders Clinic

Anxiety is a normal experience for everyone, but sometimes it can be excessive and affect everyday life. If you have been wondering if your child may be struggling with excessive anxiety, and want to know more about anxiety and what can be done to treat it, you may be interested in viewing this informative video featuring a psychologist from the Mood and Anxiety Disorders Clinic in Calgary, Alberta. As well, we encourage parents to open the attachments below for resource information.

Once you have viewed this video, and if you have more questions about anxiety, you may call the Mood and Anxiety Clinic at 403-955-8978

Or, if you are in the Calgary area and need additional help with mental health issues, please call Access Mental Health at 403-943-1500.


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We encourage parents to open the attachments for resource information and to use the questions as a self reflection exercise in the intro paragraph


Mood & Anxiety Disorders Clinic - DVD Reflection Questions


Parent handouts