Professional Day / Group Learning


Interested in creating a group PD event at your school with MORE modules?


Facilitator Tools


Learner Information

  • Modules are roughly an hour in total, split into 3-4 segments about 15-20 minutes in length
  • Resources to download
  • Module evaluation
  • Certificate of Completion (module evaluation must be filled out to obtain)



  1. If you are selecting a module that is currently running (i.e. hasn't been archived yet) please allow 10 days notice so we can set your group up with a D2L username and password if they don't already have one.
  2. If the facilitator is able to provide an attendance sheet and participants will fill out the annonymous Module Evaluation, we will not need each participant to register. (Applies to archives being used for PD only; currently running modules will need to be registered for, as access accounts will need to be created.)
  3. Group participants are welcome to register individually at (there are separate registration forms for the current school year and the archives).

​* ​Educators, as defined by MORE, are anyone within the school system that work with children and support their education. Staff such as clerical, librarian, administrative, and other supportive roles are eligible.