ResourcesFor Families and Professionals


Working in collaboration with practitioners in the fields of mental health and addictions, our service has developed various information resources for professionals and families, and practice tools for professionals.  Professionals are invited to refer their patients to this site for accurate information on various mental health or addictions topics.



ACE TIC Resource Community Guide Final 2016

Desk Reference for use as a quick reference tool for practitioners containing questionnaires, checklists, interview guides.

* 2nd Edition Desk Reference

* 3rd Edition Desk Reference

Information Prescriptions that practitioners can give their patients with information on related resources (e.g. books, websites, etc.)

Child and Adolescent Behaviour Toolbox– diagnostic and informational tool available to Alberta practitioners only due to site license restrictions. 

When somethings Wrong Handbook: Ideas for Teachers

Trauma Informed Practice

Autism Spectrum Disorder and Mental Health

Contact for access to these and other resources for professionals.



The Family Behavior Toolbox (FBT) is designed to be a self-help resource for parents and family members to understand the behavior they are encountering and the options available to deal with it. FBT has been created by the same team responsible for the Child, Adolescent and Autism editions used by professionals around the world. Here is a link to an information handout about the Family Behaviour Toolbox

It is available electronically from any Alberta Library website under their e-resources section.  It typically falls under the Health and Wellness topic heading, or do a search for it.  A library membership number and PIN are required for access from their community library system (many libraries have free memberships or subsidize lower income families)